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is a podcast dedicated to young women in science.


A series of audio documentaries on female researchers without permanent position: PhD students, post-docs, research or teaching assistants... We delve into their work as well as their stories, their passion, their motivations, what made them decide to pursue a career in science and what keeps driving them, day after day.

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Old Paper
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Le Tovagliette is an Italian podcast

about little-known stories

that made the History of Humanity,

and that reveal the humanity of history.

Written by: Lorenzo Tognato.

Sound design: Maria Conterno

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Available also with English subtitles on:


A podcast by Emanuele Fantini - IHE Institute for Water Education, Delft

Kaleidacoustics: consultancy, audio editing and mixing

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A podcast of the association BeWiSe (Belgian Women in Science)

Kaleidacoustics: consultancy on format, recording, content editing, audio editing, mixing and mastering

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