If you landed on this page,

you are probably an academic or a researcher,

and we do not need to lecture you on the importance 

of communicating your research to a broader audience.

But you might want to know

if a podcast is the right medium for you, 

why narrative podcasts are an excellent tool for SciComm,

or if you really need sound design...

You can find answers to these questions, and much more,

on our BLOG

If you are already sure that a podcast is the way to go, 

take a look at what we can do for you...



production & distribution

It is your podcast, but we do all the heavy lifting.

We find the right format for your content, build the narrative framework, give you a voice if you do not want to use yours. We translate your research into a language that is not just accessible, but also appealing to your chosen audience. A language made of words and sounds. And when this is done, we help you reach that audience by taking care of distribution and marketing strategy.

We make people listen to you



We teach you how to narrate your research

We provide individual coaching on a specific project

and collective workshops for universities and research centres.

Our training covers both the general principles of audio storytelling

and the basic technical requirements for good sound quality (software, equipment, good recording practices).

They can be tailored on your specific needs.



We bring the sound of beauty to your podcast

If you are already a great storyteller and you only need the "sound half" of the story,

we will work on the sound identity of your podcast

and provide the stunning sound design your research deserves.


If you are writing a project application that requires a concrete outreach plan (e.g. ERC, Marie Curie, ...)

we can design for you a compelling communication strategy

by defining a detailed production and distribution plan for you podcast,

and draft with you the section of your application dedicated to Impact and Outreach.


We help you out from the start

Photos by: Alex the Cymartist

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