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Alice #2 - Zhanar

There is strength in numbers

The second episode of Kaleidacoustic’s podcast Alice in Wonderlab is finally out!

Our second Alice is Zhanar Konys, PhD candidate at the European Centre for Advanced Studies in Economics and Statistics (ECARES), in Brussels.

Zhanar’s research focuses on labour economics and gender norms. For her Advanced Master’s Thesis she studied the impact of marriage on men's and women's salaries in the UK, reading and interpreting data that look like this:

...with the help of a software that looks like this:

...reaching results that look like this:

...with the aim of better understanding, and hopefully improving, our society.

For her PhD she is now studying the evolution of gender norms in Central Asia, by analysing data that date back to the beginning of the 20th century.

Zhanar firmly believes that academic research can help change society for the best, if it reaches out to policy makers and stake holders. This is why she sees herself not just as a researcher, but also as an advocate for diversity and inclusion.

Last but not least, Zhanar is a single mum, and her toddler son clearly sees her for the determined woman she is…

You can now listen to Alice in Wonderlab on Spotify!

Follow the podcast to keep up with the upcoming episodes.

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