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Alice in Wonderlab

A Podcast About Science. And the Women Who Make It.

At Kaleidacoustics we are working on a new podcast project: Alice in Wonderlab.

We want to talk about science through the voice of female scientists, especially researchers with no permanent position: PhDs, post-docs, research or teaching assitants… young women who have just set out on a life-long exploration trip, driven by curiosity and passion.

New Alices

We all know Lewis Carrol’s Alice as a curious, brave, and unassuming girl, who just can’t help wanting to see and know more. In her adventures, she gets discouraged at times: a nagging voice tells her that she should not be there, that she should have stayed at home like a good girl… And yet, she keeps going, she keeps exploring the world full of wonders in which she has ventured.

Each episode of this podcast will tell the story of a new Alice: a curious and passionate woman, who every day explores a world of wonders, in a lab, in a library, from her desk, or out there in the field. We will get to know what she is looking for and why, what she has found, and what keeps her going, in spite of the hurdles, the down moments, and the uncertain future.

Pilot Episode: Giorgia on the Rocks!

The pilot episode of AIWL is available on Kaleidacoustic's YouTube channel:

Out first Alice is Giorgia Stasi, a reasearcher at the Geological Survey of Belgium and PhD Candidate in Applied Geophysics at the University of Liège.

In the pilot episode, you will hear about Giorgia's role in the Robominers project, a European project aimed at developing a robot that will be able to detect underground minerals and extract them.

We will learn about the tests Giorgia is running to develop the detection system of the robot: the so-called "Tank Experiment".

And we will discover how little we all know about the importance of geology in our everyday life!

And, of course, we will hear about Giorgia's everyday life, as a geologist who is not only that.

We are currently looking for funds to support the production of the first season, and hopefully more episodes will come soon. Your feedback on the pilot episode will give us a boost of energy for the continuation of the project. If you liked it, drop a comment or share it and spread the word!

To receive updates on upcoming episodes, follow Kaleidacoustics on Facebook or Instagram. Stay in touch!

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