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Why a Narrative Podcast?

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Why should you do Science Communication with a narrative podcast?

Because 'storytelling' is not just a buzzword.

A Matter of Culture

Stories are the yarns out of which the fabric of culture is made. Narratological studies have shown how the same basic narrative structures have been used and re-used across the world for ages, and are still applied today in all kinds of communication. The reason for this is that they are effective, they are powerful, they are compelling.

A Matter of Attention

People are more likely to pay attention, stay tuned, and retain information, if the information is conveyed within a narrative framework. A narrative structure gives the brain a comfortable path to follow, while generating curiosity about where that path will lead. With the right storytelling, your podcast has more chances to catch the attention of listeners who are not (yet) interested in the subject.

A Matter of Appeal

Science Communication is not just about getting your research out there, it is about seducing your listeners with it. A narrative framework is entertaining, is pleasant, is appealing. This aspect is all the more important when your content is potentially hard to digest for non-specialists: good storytelling allows you to make your content accessible and attractive, without trivialising it.

So, Why a Narrative Podcast?

Because you know how important your research is, but your listeners don't, and you want them to follow you while you explain it to them. The best way to have someone following you is to take them on an exciting trip, and a good narrative is precisely that. You can apply basic narratological tools to whatever format you like: interview, conversation, monologue... just keep in mind that the trip is as important as the destination.

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