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Why a Podcast?

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Why should you do science communication with a podcast? No, "Because everyone is doing a podcast" is NOT the right answer.

Here are a few more valid reasons:

Podcast Listening is an Intimate Experience

Podcasts are an offspring of radio, but podcast listening has evolved into a much more intimate experience. Most podcast listeners listen alone, on headphones or earbuds. They experience the podcast as one-to-one communication, and are therefore more likely to feel engaged with the content. Through a podcast, you can make a connection with your target audience.

Podcast Listening is a Slow Experience for Fast Times

Videos and written articles demand undivided attention for their entire length. But time is a luxury good these days. That's why written and audiovisual communications are getting shorter and shorter: online communication is meant for fast consumption. A podcast can accompany the listeners while they drive, cook, jog, walk... Podcast offers you the luxury of time, without stealing time to your audience.

Podcast Listening is an Experience for Curious Minds

Podcast is audio on demand. Podcast listeners actively choose to listen. They choose what to listen and when. And they can even choose to re-listen, if they want. By using a podcast for your Science Communication, you address an audience that has open ears and a curious mind. An audience that is selective, but hungry for good content and willing to stick to it.

So, Why a Podcast?

Podcast is just one among many options. It is the right medium for you if you want to reach out to an audience of curious minds and make them curious about your research. If you want to do online, easily accessible communication without being subjected to the laws of fast consumption. If you want to connect to your target audience, and have an impact on their lives.

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